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Total Power Generated

By our windspire's since July 10th, 2012
847 kwh

That's enough to power:

2,959 hrs 50" Plasma TV

3,388 Loads of laundry

589 Dishwasher cycles

4,235 Cups of coffee brewed

Green Living

Throughout Greenbury, sustainable features have been included to make green living possible, practical and affordable for eco-conscious families.


Three Windspires® are located in the plaza at the entrance to the neighbourhood. These Windspires® harvest wind energy and use the energy to power entrance lighting to the neighbourhood.

Green rating program

Beaverbrook has established the Greenbury Green List, where builders and homeowners can choose their level of “green” by incorporating energy efficient items into their home.

LED street lighting

All of the streetlights along the roadways in Greenbury are LED Lights, which means reduced energy costs and light pollution for everyone.

Native plant use

In keeping with the natural beauty offered in Jubilee Park, Greenbury has chosen to use native plants in harmony with the eco-systems around them.