Brownstone Architecture

Originally developed in London, England generations ago, brownstone homes have gained popularity throughout many of the major metropolises like New York. And now they’ve made their way to Greenbury.

The community’s home styles – Single Detached, Duplexes and Townhomes – all embrace the timeless brownstone look. Take a stroll through the streetscape of Greenbury and you’ll see our distinct brownstones lining every walk, as well as friendly neighbours, kids at play and gorgeous greenery.

The brownstones of New York have a distinct look and so too do Greenbury’s. In Spruce Grove, Greenbury’s brownstones are shaped by our masterful builders: Alquinn Homes, Cami Comfort Homes, Dolce Vita Homes and Western Living Homes. The hardest decision will be choosing which one to call home.

Architectural Guidelines

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